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Display modules

850 Platform
850DI LCD Display more >>
  • Simple LCD display module with green back light and 6 push buttons
  • 3-digit LCD display module with 7 boiler status icons
  • 2-wire AL-BUS connection for both power and communication
  • Reliable digital communication between display and control

850RC Remote Control more >>
  • Advanced 4 x 20-characters LCD display for 850 controls
  • Easily accessible menu structure with user and installer level
  • User interface with 5 push buttons
  • Plain text messages and multiple language support

850HC Home Control more >>
  • Control with graphical user interface for controlling user comfort when using complex hybrid systems
  • Clear icon-based system overview via graphical blue/white 255 x 80 pixel module
  • Features: temperature measurement, system efficiency, optimisation and energy control
  • Applicable as user interface for 850 modules

900 Platform
900LB LCD Display more >>
  • Mid range user interface with blue/white LCD display
  • Available with housing or as built-in version with pushbuttons

900PB LCD Pixel Display more >>
  • High-end user interface with graphical blue/white 255x80 pixel LCD with backlight
  • Available with or without silicon button keypad
  • Battery backup for Real Time clock
  • Optional Modbus connection