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Our expertise

ebm-papst Heating Systems is focused on outstanding performance and devoted to deliver high quality products.
Engineering and Product Development
The development of custom made electronics is an intensive process between customer and engineers. At ebm-papst Heating Systems we are working with a team of highly experienced engineers. Not only are they trained to implement functionality according to the customers requirements, they will also apply their expertise to support the customer's product engineering to get the best performance.
Our designs are unique through the high level of integrated functions. All our custom made designs are a combination of specific customer demands and our expertise

Our control boards are produced in our modern factory (ISO9000) in China, with quality and shipment being supervised by our office in Hong Kong. Our board manufacture is fully controlled by our test software and meets the highest quality requirements at a minimum product cost.

Diagnostics & Services
In addition to our controls we provide our LabVision Windows PC software as a tool for engineers to achieve improved efficiency in product development.

Appliance assembly support
Parameters to configure the final system and its operation can be programmed automatically at the end of the appliance assembly line. By storing specific appliance or country settings during the end of track test, the model or destination of a certain product can be decided just before shipment.

Field test support
Detailed information on the operation of the field test products can be obtained by gathering the data stored in the control of the appliance under test during the operator's absence.